from the roller series

sometime in 1977 when i was going to buy some titanium white paint at an art supply shop i happened to notice the rollers for applying ink to lithography stones
so some years before i had messed a bit with inks splattered then pressed on 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of paper 

[see the one remaining example below in etceteras]
and so it occurred to me that i could take this a bit further, now that i was using thicker paint, and i found that the rollesr would repeat the image of the paint it had picked up as it rolled across the paper, 
and at this time i was using titanium white paint on 2 x 3 foot pieces of a thick black paper, actually more like a thin card stock, but not shiny
unfotunately physical copies of these works no longer exist, but what few pictures i have found are here

these two images from kodak snapshots are from oakland sometime between 1977 and 78

from about 1982 van lagestien, through his corps de garde organization based in groningen, had been producing shows of my  work [including the opus 3 and ghost stories CDs]
so in 1984 i went up to the corps de garde studio to produce a show of visual works
over seven days i did four pieces — as usual they’re gone with the wind 

the following fotos are, in fact, blown up scans off a contact sheet 
left > right – first black and white piece –  fourth black and white piece in 3D – second black and white piece
[and i write 3D because as only the top edge was secured, the sides curled in, producing a cone

here’s the third piece which used yellow paint (left)
on the right, it was rotated 90 degrees to the right it became part of a performance assemblage that was part of the den haag show
[and the stands holding the stainless steel elements  were painted with the same yellow paint – as well as the cords suspending the elements