so in february of 1984, marianne brouwer, a curator at the kröller_müller, in conjunction with corps de garde brought me to the there to produce a performance installation
the museum is in otterlo, which is in the mid-west of the nederlands, and is a fairly industrial area  —  as such there was a huge salvage yard around an hour away from the museum, that i was able to draw materials from and, as Fate would have it, marianne had discovered that a brewery in the immediate area was reverting from modern stainless steel works to traditional copper —
and had come to an agreement with the brewery such that i was also able to draw on the pieces they had before they made their way into the recycling system the title of the show relates to the fact that for me a piece of material encompasses – at one and the same time – its’ physicality and both its’ symbolic and sonic potential
all photos: babeth van loo