Z’EV & ETC Links

Z’EV performance at the Kitchen NYC 25th anniversary show April 2011


link to a 20 minute quick time streaming video interview with brainwashed’s john whitney from 2004

            clip and interview with the.bänd from premiere performance at klangbad festival

                                            * Z’EV   VIMEO   channel

*9m 29s posting of premiere solo electronic percussion performance
PRÉSENCES électronique Festival, Paris
27 March 2011
this is the mention it got in the review of the entire 3 day festival that appeared in the Wire >
…Z’EV’s 20 minute onslaught of electronic percussion was a welcome blast of Industrial-attitude 

and David Tudor-esque bloody-mindedness which would have made a good closing act to the festival 

                       * 12m 9s posting of No Time, but the Presence 
performed by the Phoenix Ensemble Basel
19 june 2011, Bern

                     * the beat goes on podcasts the work ken hyder and i do in his basement

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