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deep ecology
academy for future science
mysteries of the ‘suffering gods’
the oron zone

Japanese Starlore and Astronomical History
layne redmond
ken hyder
S.P. McGreevy’s ground-based ELF-VLF recordings
news & info re: the sun earth environment
women & gender in the ancient world
all things LILITH
Musical Theory and Ancient Cosmology
math systems of 8 cultures

shape and number
r. buckminster fuller
sumerian mythology
forensics of sacrifice
dionysus core ritual
center for archeoastronomy
AEON journal of myth, science, & ancient history
raymond lull
more raymond lull
music of the magnetosphere
listen to meteors [for real]
live weather images [from EVERYWHERE]
women’s history sourcebook
absolutely EVERYTHING about number + ALL math systems
gematria systems
geometry in art and architecture