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Originally published in 1992 by Temple Press UK
the first electronic .doc edition was distributed on the original rhythmajik.com site from 2000-3
this current PDF edition was revised in 2003 while working with the translator for an Italian edition
as such it incorporates all the explanations generated when he would ask me ‘what exactly do you mean by this?’

here’s the follow-up publication, the sapphire nature

in RHYTHMAJIK, i radically reformulated the mystical tradition commonly known as the Qabalha
from an Astral/Cosmological focus, to an Earth-based paradigm, in harmony with the needs of our current time.
It requires no knowledge of the Qabalha, nor does it assume or call for a prior knowledge of any of the traditional literatures.

stripping away the mysticism surrounding these teachings, i elucidate the principles behind the theories
and transmit the results in as neutral a form as they have ever been presented
Rhythmajik comprehensively and clearly explains an easily applied system
allowing anyone to harness the semantics of number to the power of sounded rhythms and beyond.

Rhythmajik is not about music but spells out the use of rhythm and sound and proportion for Trance, Healing, etc.
it features a unique Numerical Encyclopedia and two Numerical dictionaries comprising over 5000 beat patterns
with their semantic meanings encompassing both healing and ritual vocabularies

RHYTHMAJIK illuminates the processes allowing these vocabularies to be transformed into potent rhythmic patterns
enabling you to focus the awesome energies of the Earth and Mother Nature
and let them flow throughout and then out through you
it includes information and has applications for people interested in
Astrology, Divination, the Music of the Spheres, Numerology, Tarot and Visualization
regardless of any particular interest in drumming
and by the way, for the first time it delivers the functions of the 9 Chambers

all that RHYTHMAJIK requires is the ability to count
and the desire to achieve an intentionally considerate consciousness.

some reader responses
“your work has benefited me and my consciousness and development and ability to bridge the gap between 
conception, intent and manifestation musically.
and your writings have afforded me several moments of ecstatic silence.”

“your visualization techniques have radically improved my playing and enjoyment of sound.
all in all, Rhythmajik has incurred a revolutionary resurgence in my perception & activation of music, magic and life. thank you.”

some writer’s responses
Sad to say I have reached my 50’s before coming across your work, which I find fascinating. I am a retired classical choreographer and a magician, and to come across the power I hear and see in your work astounds me. I had given up hope of seeing or coming across anything truly remarkable that wove magic, inner connection, power, vibration, form and sound (which to me is what Kabbalah is about). It is an honour to come across your work.
Josephine McCarthy

“the medical profession has long been aware of the powerful effects rhythm can exert on both psyche and soma,
while there is also a belief in certain metaphysical schools that these may even extend to the subtle dimensions.
in RHYTHMAJIK, Z’EV presents an original approach to the energies released via the rhythmic process,
including the healing potential of correctly structured rhythms, and their possible value as access codes

to those frequencies unbound by the space-time continuum.
dare one suggest that this could be the precursor of the long-forgotten science of sonics 

which many believe will surface in the next millenium?”
Murry Hope 

“my impression is one of great comprehensiveness and much diligent work. 
It will have great appeal to students of the Western Line,
and clearly covers new ground. I will certainly draw people interested in its approach to its existence”
Z’ev ben Shimon HaLevi

“if you’re into Qabalha, drumming and magick, you’ll love this, and if you like any two of these, you’re bound to find something good. ….
i love his attitude; his advice that “it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing” 
is perhaps the single most useful thing said about drumming and magick anywhere.
there is strong, practical advice about different drums, how to use them, drumming exercises, and working with another partner”
review from Chaozation.com
                [GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN]