so here’s the long story
in amsterdam, in september of 1987 i was riding my bike home and got caught in a termite swarming
by the time i got home i was literally covered with termites that were dropping their wings and crawling all over me
now when i was a youngster i had a recurring dream of being covered by insects, of having them crawling up into my nose and and into my ears and i would wake up
so here it was, some thirty years latter, and i was inside my dream
so i got home and luckily the bathroom was just inside the front door, so i got indoors and stood in the tub and under the shower for a good long time watching thousands of termites go down the drain
some weeks later, sitting at the table, i drew the first of what became an literal outpouring of visual images, that i chose to refer to as yantras, even though traditionally yantras are visual representations of sonic events. 

i guess for me, my yantras were/are visualizations of sonic entities
be that as it may, i used the word outpouring because i was very definitely in a mantic state. for about 2 or 3 weeks i compulsively produced image after image
and it was also a form of automatism, because people could be there, and i could be holding a conversation with them, and yet i would still be producing images