Z’EV Works

“I’m just a muscian…but you’re Picasso”
RHYS CHATHAM – Bern, Dec.2012

Z’EV is the only person I’ve ever let use my recordings”

Study at CalArts [1960-70] with Concrete poet Emmett Williams.
1970-8 Producing Visual and Sound poetries.
1975 Chosen for SECOND GENERATION show, Museum of Conceptual Art, San Francisco.
1976 – present Develop instruments/sound sculptures to produce acoustic phenomena as
basis for solo performance.
1978 One of the founders of so-called Industrial Music/Art Movement.
Began touring, currently in over 200 cities in over 27 countries.
1981 Produced shake, rattle & roll  VHS, first ‘music’/art video ever released.
1983 Left USA to reside in Amsterdam
1986-90 Guest teacher; Theatre School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam
1990-2 Work with Dutch house musician DJ DANO.
1992 First book, Rhythmajik: practical uses of number, rhythm and sound , published by
Temple Press UK.
1994-2003 Retired from artistic endeavors,
July 2003 Returning to Europe, concentrating on collaborative composition/performance.
2009 Develop CINE-CUSSION, a/v project featuring real-time projection of liquid based
2010 return to producing audio/visual poems via video.
Has released over 70 cd’s [solo and collaborative works combined]

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                                                      an overview of audience performances
18 February 1978          Performance on radio station KPFK, Los Angeles.
25 April 1979                  Perform at Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles.
23 November 1979       First show in New York City. At Irving Plaza opening for the Lounge Lizards.
March 1980                    Opening night of Danceteria on 21st Street in NYC. Perform solo and accompanying Johanna Went.
October 1980                 First trip to UK and Europe. Opening for 4AD artists Bauhaus on their first headlining tour.
12 November 1980       “Metal Bizondere Plastik”, for moving metals and mallet percussion, Fountainzaal, Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
8 April 1981                 “L xxx 1”, moving metals, Fluxus Zone Westend Niederrhein, Krefeld, Germany
22 June 1982                 “Elemental Music”, for moving metals and mallet percussion, Documenta 7, Kassel, West Germany
8 February 1982            Performed at the “Fetish Night Out” show at the Lyceum in London.  A historic show in that it was the first london show of
Clock DVA, the last london show of Throbbing Gristle, and the last Cabaret Voltaire show with Chris Watson.
6 December 1982         “The Light Of Metal Sounding – For Jackson Maclow”, for moving metals, Language/Noise Series, Public Theatre, New York City
28-9 April 1983               Perform at the Kitchen, NYC.
May 1983                         Perform in SPRING, a collaboration with Simone Forti and Susan Rethorst at St. Mark’s Church, NYC.
24 May 1983                   Perform as part of ‘Töne & Gegentöne’ program at Vienna Festival
16 June 1983                “+ / -“, for  moving metals, performance at Carré Theatre, A’dm, broadcast live on VPRO-television’s Attacks of Extremes
13 January 1984            Perform at Hebbel Theatre, Berlin as part of the Der Hang zum Gesamptkunstwerk show.
2 October 1985               Perform at opening day of the XIIIth Biennial of Paris
10,13 June 1985              “Beautiful Music”, for mallet percussion, Kleine Zaal, Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
1 March 1986                    “Lightning Music”, for mallet percussion, Art and Alchemy Show, Name Gallery, Chicago, Illinois.
2 May 1987                        “ONG”, for mallet percussion, 1. Symposion der Gong, Fritz Perls Akademie, Hückeswagen, Germany
22 February 1987           “Lightning Music”, for mallet percussion, Perform at Sacred Matter 2,Naarden, Netherlands, presented by Int. Academy for Parallel Science
28 June 1987                    Perform at Mythen Monster Mutationen show at the Tempodrom, Berlin.
20 April 1990                   “Opus 3”, for moving metals, plastic and mallet percussion, recording session at De Duif, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
31 October 1990             “Ghost Stories”, for moving metals, plastics & concert bass drum, Wang Concert Hall, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
29 November 2003       “Noisome The Earth Is (Inferno, Canto 6)”, for mallet percussion, Kontakt 3 festival, Cagliari, Italy
15 Nov-15Dec 2003      “So Say The Dead”, mallet percussion accompaniment for Macbeth, Director: Bela Gruska, Sudden Theatre, Paris, France
27 July 2003                    “Nuit Gestes”, for amplified mallet percussion, Mimi Festival, Marsaille, France
28 November 2004       “With Sound Of Hands, (Inferno, Canto 3)”, for mallet percussion, Kontakt 4 Festival, Cagliari, Italy
8 May 2004                      “Zones”, for mallet percussion, Undraverk Percussion Festival, Rekjavek, Iceland
4 June 2005                    “Yantra Tantra”, mallet percussion in a pitch black room, Venn festival, Bristol, England
23 July 2005                   “Unto The Note Of Storks (Inferno, Canto 32)”, for concert bass drum, stainless & titanium instruments,
to accompany artist Richi Ferrero’s, multimedia event: La Citta’ Di Sotto, Torino, Italy
1 January 2008              conceive and direct piece for 9 percussionists to accompany new years fireworks display on the danube, Bratislava, Slovakia