some assorted this-and-thats that i happened to have scans of
and i’m sure this page will eventually expand once i get back to los angeles 

where there are still some boxes of archives remaining to be scanned
so here are two pieces from the early 1970’s from when i was working nights running a small offset lithography press
in retrospect i can see that they were a bit on the precursor side of the roller series pieces
here are two pieces – cut out / overlays – black ink brushwork – 
from sometime somewhere between the hagiogrammz and the contexts works
definitely from 1977 
on the left is one from a run of 50 i did as part of the imagezine series that La Mamelle produced – the stamp still exists
on the right – the badge from the first associated art publishers convention held oct 8-9 1977 at CSU San Jose