so in 1976 i moved to the bay area, living in oakland in the east bay — the storefront i ended up renting on macarthur blvd was pretty much equidistant between the headquarters of the black panthers and the hell’s angels —
so one day i was working on a process poem to be a score for a performance — and the process was that i was translating the original words of the poem into some words from their definitions in the oxford english dictionary — for example> original word = extra — replaced by definition = on the outside
and so i looked up context and BAM! there it was> the weaving together of language
so i immediately stopped working on that piece and made the first context –  using some daisy-wheel printing paper i’d gotten a box of out of a dumpster in downtown san franciso which was still pretty rare then — so rather than overlaying the strips of the pages i had cut up i began to weave them on both the horizontal and vertical planes 

so i continued to produce CONTEXTS periodically until around 1984
due to the transient circumstances of my life none of the original work from this period exists
however 1 polaroid of the original piece, a kodak of a piece from 1977, and a xerox of a photo of the largest context i ever produced do
from left to right then
the original, a black on black piece, JAEHIOQUV 22’x4′ context woven [from those letters] for the 
visuo-sonic poemetries show with m.s.bell at la mamelle august 1977
in the meantime i continued weaving contexts, and also applied that name as well to works using just overlaying
so in 1981 subterranean published a package of a 7″ 45 record of sound poetry and 12 visual poems by s.weisser
from left > right: the cover, a printed example, and then 2 examples of the original, which were laminated rather than scotch taped
and note that the source material was a box of old mimeographs of elementary school students writing assignments that i found in the barn at the house i lived in in winnetka california from 1972-1974
and here are the last contexts from my amsterdam period, produced in 1982
the first two images are a piece [and a detail] that still exists and is on a wall in the peckham house, the third image is a xerox from the catalog of a show the piece was created for at joseph semma’s stichting makkom in amsterdam, the fourth image was the piece made from the remainders of the makkom piece